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Junk Food Disorders the Immune System

Junk Food Disorders the Immune System

By Dr. Henry Sobo

A study led by the University of Bonn, published in the journal CELL shows that the immune system responds to a high fat and high calorie diet in a way similar to its response to a bacterial infection. In this study 120 mice were the subjects . They were placed on a “Western diet”, high in fat, high in sugar, and low in fiber for four weeks. Researcher Anette Christ, of the Institute of Innate Immunity explains,”The unhealthy diet led to an unexpected increase in the number of certain immune cells in the blood of the mice.”

When the researchers placed the mice back on their typical cereal of cereal for another four weeks, some of the acute inflammatory responses abated . However, what was particularly disturbing was that did not go away was the genetic reprogramming of immune cells, so that the immune system abnormalities that had been switched on during the fast food phase of the study still had abnormal activity, and these inflammatory responses can be a part of the development of vascular diseases or type 2 diabetes or other diseases. Underlying inflammatory responses are increasingly being viewed as the culprit for many if not most of modern society’s chronic diseases. Researcher Eicke Latz concludes…”These findings therefore have important societal relevance. The foundations of a healthy diet need to become a much more prominent part of education than they are at present.”

This study is yet another piece of scientific evidence that disease prevention begins with a proper diet.

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For a natural way to clean copper, bronze, stainless steel or pewter…

For a natural way to clean copper, bronze or pewter- make a paste of salt, flour and white vinegar, then rub onto the metal, let sit for 30 minutes and rinse.  For brass use a paste of lemon juice and salt. For stainless steel just wipe with white vinegar.

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Castor oil is a fantastic remedy to speed the healing of insect stings.

Castor oil is a fantastic remedy to speed the healing of insect stings. It has properties that draw out the venom and poison of the sting. It also helps take away the pain instantly. Castor oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural antibiotic. Just rub onto the sting area as needed.

Easy health tip: First thing in the morning- drink a glass of water

Easy health tip: First thing in the morning- drink a room temperature glass of water to help your body with detoxification, metabolism and glucose levels. Do not use cold water.  This daily routine will help with many health benefits including detoxification, constipation, weight loss, diabetes, anti-aging and more.

Back-To-School Essences for Kids & Students

It’s that time of year again the dog days of summer are coming to a close and the new school year is just around the corner. With the back-to-school frenzy upon us, it is easy for parents to feel overwhelmed by all there is to do to prepare their kiddies for the new semester ahead.

While parents are feeling a bit frantic and chaotic, the kiddos are often equal parts excited to see their friends and dreading the return of homework. For parents and children, alike, emotions are high and, in the blink of an eye, the easy, laid back pace of summer has suddenly disappeared.

Now more than ever, it is important to come back to self-care for mom, dad, kiddos, and all the great support persons going through the challenging back-to-school transition. Yoga class, gym days, family bike rides, story time whatever it is, prioritizing reinvigorating, rejuvenating activities for the entire family is essential.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but our favorite way to manage the hectic back-to-school days is with flower and gem essences. Here are our top picks for a smooth, peaceful transition into the new school year we’ve got essences for the kids, and a few for mom and dad, too! 4 Back-to-School

Essences for Kids & Students

  1. Brilliant Student

Snapshot: For studying, creativity, alertness, and public speaking

Support intellectual and artistic endeavors, while enhancing concentration and alertness with our Brilliant Student flower essence. With this essence, students can cultivate a greater sense of inspiration, passion, and clear direction. It is also b brilliant for public speaking, test taking, presentations, and  artistic expression. Take on the new school year with vigor and heightened creativity!

  1. Attention Formula

Snapshot: Improves concentration, assists with relaxation, and assists with ADD & ADHD

Remain attentive, focused, and relaxed this school year with Attention Formula. This blend has been shown to offer incredible support to children and adults living with ADD & ADHD. It’s Peruvian rose salt base helps to balance minerals, while its fava flower essence holds a connection with LDopamine. No more drifting, nodding off during class, or fidgeting in your seat this school year!

  1. Happy Kid

Snapshot: Nurturing, Balancing and Soothing. Contains no alcohol.

With its ability to balance and calm challenging situations, this gentle, nurturing blend is designed specifically for children. Its joyful, loving influence can inspire positive dynamics between siblings and playmates, as well as with parents and other authority figures. As the kiddos transition into a new school year, their relationships with their siblings and parents can become strained by the new schedules, obligations, and school yard dynamics. Children are especially sensitive to energy and respond quickly to this essence, making it the perfect essence to help the whole family get along during the back-to-school frenzy!

  1. Celebration:

Snapshot: Fun party essence, for ceremonies and unplanned jubilation

Support good vibes and celebratory energy this school year with the vibrant Celebration essence. Who says back-to-school time has to be all frenzy and no fun?! Infuse the transition into the new school year with joy and celebration. After all, the kiddos get to see their friends every day and return to their favorite afterschool sports and clubs there is fun to be had!

2 Back-to-School

Essences For Parents and Support Persons

  1. Mother of Pearl :

Snapshot: Supports maternal bonding

Encourage mother-child bonding at any age with the Mother of Pearl essence. Embrace your Mother-child relationship with tenderness, trust, unconditional love and gentle mercy. Facilitates deep healing and inner resolution when needed. This incredible essence even supports healthy female dynamics with family members of all generations (sister, aunt, niece, in-laws, grandmother). This one is for all the stressed out, back-to-school mamas out there who are missing their kiddos as they return to school!

  1. Impatiens:

Snapshot: Encourages patience, understanding and trust in divine timing

Moms, dads, and support persons, enter into the new school year calmly and gently with the Impatiens essence. This essence is perfect to those looking to go with the flow, create space for things to unfold, and have faith that things are working out just as they are meant to. With this essence you will remain calm, not frantically rushing from one thing to the next. Slow down, chill out, and enjoy the vibrant energy of the back-to-school season!

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Natural insect repellents can be made with catnip oil, lavender oil…

Natural insect repellents can be made with any of these: thyme oil, catnip oil, lavender oil, lemon balm/citronella oil or eucalyptus oils. To make concentrate for dabbing on skin or clothing, combine 20 drops of essential oil with 2 T of olive or grape seed oil. To make your own sprays- combine your concentrate mixture with purified water and shake well.

Walking barefoot provides many health benefits

Walking barefoot on the ground such as grass, sand, the dirt, helps strengthen the body and helps fight many common health disorders.  Benefits include helping with chronic pain, poor sleep, auto immune disorders, hypertension and more.  It also helps protect the body against EMF.

Put Castor Oil on insect stings to speed healing.

Castor oil is a fantastic remedy to speed the healing of insect stings. It has properties that draw out the venom and poison of the sting. It also helps take away the pain instantly. Castor oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural antibiotic. Just rub onto the sting area as needed.

Dehydration causes impairment of one’s immune system

Dehydration inhibits the effectiveness of the lymphatic system and allows cellular waste to linger in the body.  Dehydration causes impairment of one’s immune system and can contribute to autoimmune diseases and other chronic illnesses, as well as general pain, fatigue and low energy.  Drinking water by itself is best, for many other beverages can cause even more dehydration.