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Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine inspires and empowers readers to take an active role in their own health, employing a holistic and integrative perspective on well-being. Backed by the strength and credibility of our peer-reviewed medical journals, Alternative Medicine blends ancient practices with developments on the cutting edge of medicine to provide readers with an understandable approach to living well.
Awareness Magazine
AWARENESS MAGAZINE is So. California's Guide to Conscious Living. We are in our 22nd year of publishing, covering such issues as Alternative Health Treatments, Natural Health Products, Fitness, Personal Growth, Spirituality, the Environment, and more! Over 70,000 printed magazines are distributed in So. California, AZ, NM and Hawaii, reaching app. 210,000 avid readers, and is also online.
Beginnings Magazine
The American Holistic Nurses Association's full-color quarterly magazine features stories of healing and personal growth, inspiration, community, news, event listings, and much more. Each magazine has special editorial themes, such as stress management, self-care, energy healing, nutrition, energy therapies, and others.
Conscious Shift Magazine
An online magazine where new ideas are taking root for a changing world. We also have a newsletter you can join where you will get two emails a month with Conscious and Shifting information about events and feature articles. In addition you’ll get special offers only available to our Community.
Hedra News
Hedra News is the only paper in the Idaho area that is geared towards Complementary & Alternative Practitioners sharing informative information about their work. This monthly publication inspires health & wellness and educates the average person on methods that practitioners are now using. We provide information on options for improving the health of your Body, Mind & Spirit.
Journal of Holistic Nursing
The Journal of Holistic Nursing has the latest evidence-based research findings and best practice applications globally for holistic nursing. The American Holistic Nurses Association invites researchers and healthcare professionals to electronically submit manuscripts for consideration.
Life Connection
Distributed monthly, The Life Connection provides a guide to San Diego County's resources for improving health, the environment, relationships, and expanding human potential. It is a resource to activities, quality products and professional services. Enhance your satisfaction and effectiveness in life. Expand your personal and spiritual awareness and attain optimum health.
NAHA- National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
Stay current and expand your knowledge! NAHA's Aromatherapy E-Journal is filled with articles written by respected experts in the field. Issues include diverse topics to broaden your perspective. Valuable resources augment your knowledge of aromatherapy. Regular features include safety information, essential oil profiles, and reviews. Free to members. Subscribe or order past issues.
Natural Life News
Natural Life News & Directory: Holistic & Healthy Living in the West. Wide range of topics to keep you healthy, wealthy and wise in body, mind and spirit. Nutrition, healthy weight loss, psychology, spirituality and more. Subscriptions $15/year (6 issues). Editor Denis Ouellette is an international holistic-health leader. Visit us online for free archived articles (PDF downloads).
Natural Solutions
Natural Solutions is the trusted voice of the complementary and alternative medicine field, providing natural remedies and healthy solutions for your most pressing health concerns as well as practical strategies for self-care and prevention. Order here and save 60% off the newsstand price and get your first issue FREE.
New Connexion Journal
New Connexion online magazine bridges spirituality and practicality for everyday conscious living. Readers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond look to New Connexion for natural health and healing, spiritual and personal growth, and conscious living.
Sedona Conscious Magazine
Sedona Conscious Magazine is an invaluable media resource, inviting readers from all over the world to become part of our conscious online community. We provide inspiring feature articles on topics related to natural health and wellness, progressive topics, conscious events, and tools that assist one on their spiritual path. We also have a weekly events calendar and monthly ezine.
Spirit of Change
New England's largest free alternative health resource since 1987. Quarterly publication in MA, CT, RI, NH, VT and ME, reaching an audience who is looking for products and services to improve their health & wellness. The magazine is known for providing high quality articles and reliable information, making Spirit of Change the region's most trusted source of alternative health information.
The American Chiropractor
America's most widely circulated Chiropractic magazine. The American Chiropractor emphasizes topics that cater to the constantly evolving chiropractic profession. Our readers learn about new techniques and products that can help improve their skills and offer better services to their patients. Online edition available now too.
The Journey: A Mind, Body and Soul Connection
A free bi-monthly magazine serving the health & wellness of our local community. We provide articles and advertising focused on healthy living, alternative medicine, fitness, spiritual & personal growth. The Journey Magazine is now distributed in Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and many surrounding areas. The Journey is the Midwest's foremost metaphysical and holistic magazine.
Truly Alive Magazine
New Mexico's premier print and online holistic magazine and resource guide - created for those interested in natural, healthy, and spiritual ways of living. Serving the progressive, alternative health and spiritual communities since 1990. Each issue is filled with articles by leading holistic doctors, natural health practitioners, and spiritual ambassadors for body, mind and spirit.
Wisdom Magazine
Wisdom Magazine is also one of the country's largest free holistic publications. Wisdom of the Heavens, Earth, Body, Mind & Soul, is a free bi-monthly holistic publication available in three regional print editions: New England, New York Metro, and PA/NJ - Philadelphia metro and suburban area. We are also available on the web at