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Turmeric, Gingko Biloba and Coconut Oil are very helpful for…

Recent studies have shown that the herbs Turmeric and Gingko Biloba are very helpful in Alzheimer’s disease prevention and treatment.  Coconut Oil is also very helpful and patients showed significant improvements with it as well.

Seaweed is full of minerals and helps detoxify the body.

Seaweed is full of minerals and trace minerals.  It also helps detoxify the body by binding to radioactive waste and heavy metals to help the body eliminate them.

Brazil nuts contain exceptionally high levels of selenium

Brazil nuts contain exceptionally high levels of selenium and are the highest natural source of this mineral. Selenium is a trace mineral that is essential to creating antioxidant enzymes that help prevent cellular damage.  Selenium also helps with proper thyroid functioning and combats coronary artery disease, liver cirrhosis, and cancers. Brazil Nuts are a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Papaya acts as a natural antacid and helps with digestion

Papaya acts as a natural antacid.  The fruit also contains papain, an enzyme the helps digest proteins. Eaten raw, juiced or dried, papaya slices all work well. Papaya also contains nutrients that help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Only when cholesterol becomes oxidized is it able to stick to and build up in blood. Papayas are also a good source of fiber.

Dried plums slow the aging process with respect to bone loss

Research has shown that dried plums slow the aging process with respect to bone loss. Dried plums have the ability to both prevent bone loss and reverse bone loss. This is great news for those seeking a natural strategy for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Ginger root has long been used to treat nausea and motion sickness

Ginger root has long been used to treat inflammation, gastrointestinal distress, nausea and motion sickness. And recent studies show that it also kills cancer cells, particularly ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

Celery and celery seeds contain anti-cancer compounds

Celery and celery seeds are excellent blood cleansers and contain anti-cancer compounds that help detoxify cancer cells from the body. Celery seeds also contain anti-inflammatory substances.

Carrots have anti-aging properties

Studies show that carrots help prevent cancer, stroke, and heart disease.  Carrots also have anti-aging properties, help promote healthy vision and skin, and detoxify the body.  Organic carrots hove more nutrients and taste better than non-organic carrots.  The highest concentration of nutrients is found right under the skin of the carrot, so leave the skins on for the most nutritional benefits

Vitamin C reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke

Vitamin C works in many different ways to support cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.   Vitamin C reduces blood pressure and prevents atherosclerosis (the buildup of fats and other substances in and on your artery walls which can restrict blood flow).  Vitamin C also helps with regulating hormone health and cancer prevention.

Garlic cleanses harmful bacteria from the blood and intestines.

Garlic cleanses harmful bacteria, intestinal parasites and viruses from the blood and intestines.  It also has anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. Garlic also assists with the respiratory tract by expelling mucous build-up in the lungs and sinuses. For the health benefits, choose only fresh garlic.